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Meet The Team


Arvinder Kaur Kapoor

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Reiki Grand Master | ThetaHealing Practitioner | Silver Violet Flame Practitioner | Tarot Card Reader | Numerologist | Meditation Coach | Crystal Therapy Practitioner

Mrs. Arvinder Kapoor, the founder of Nivaaz, is an Usui Reiki Grand Master and a certified ThetaHealing practitioner. She has been practicing energy healing for about two decades.


Mrs. Kapoor has helped numerous individuals find their path in life through the Universal guidance. She is the primary teacher and coach at Nivaaz.

Her guidance through Tarot Readings, SwitchWord remedies, Vastu and Crystal remedies, etc., have helped clients across the globe. She believes in helping individuals achieve their full potential through the unconditional love of the Universe and the Creator.


Harshiin Kaur Kapoor

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Reiki Grand Master | Tarot Card Reader | Mindfulness Coach | ThetaHealing Practitioner | Meditation Coach | NLP Practitioner

Harshiin is a Reiki Grand Master as well as a Mindfulness and Meditation coach. She has assisted individuals and organizations accomplish their goals with the help of meditation and ancient healing practices.


She has expertise in Astrology and Remedies, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra, and Crystal Healing.


Having helped more than 300 people and witnessed improvements in their lives, Harshiin's passion for supporting people through these modalities grows each day. Her work is backed by a study of age-old traditions and modern day science.

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Naindeep Kaur Kapoor

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Reiki Master | Tarot Card Reader | Numerologist | ThetaHealing Practitioner | Crystal Therapy Practitioner | Meditation and Wellness Coach

Naindeep is a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and Reiki Master with a keen interest in crystal therapy and numerology. She is passionate about bringing a holistic perspective to wellness on the table with special focus on emotional, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Having helped numerous clients through ancient healing modalities and therapies, Naindeep enjoys creating wellbeing-oriented content for blogs, social media and the like, training audiences to be in-tune with their inner selves and propagating the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

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